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Oct 9, 2012 6:30pm PDT
... and i need you to tsb. >> then, another kid said, join us to bring cb down because you know the tfbs stick together. and then they said are you getting it now? like lose the yellow life and do it right and choose who you want to mess with. got nothing to say now. my daughter said that you are obviously not going to believe what i say even though it is the truth. good night. >> is that two minutes? >> oh, my god, it was funny because everyone kept on saying, cv at the bon fire. lol that... was funny at the bon fire when charlotte was behind us and we were like cb, cb hater ha, ha, ha, that white... >> i bet that they thought, that meant me that they were stupid but little do they know that our minds can defend ourselves unlike a person pail person, cb makes us go to court i will be so... mad and after we are done. >> thank you. >> any comments from the board in regards to this particular resolution? >> thank you, for... >> commissioner fewer? >> thanks. i have a question about student family community support department and do they already distribute lessons and posters and those kind
Oct 7, 2012 1:00am PDT
to exist, right? our strategy in the old days was to align ourselves with a big media company -- cbs. we align ourselves with yahoo! in some way and with ail -- aol in another way. you need the types of connections with more established or at least larger players in order to survive. the other reason is that the proliferation of sites has caused a change in the way people get their news. no longer do they just go to what we call destination sites, which was essentially a newspaper online. they are getting their news on facebook and google and bing and search engines. to be out there in that news sphere, you have to have different ways of attacking a and having connections and distribution arrangements. >> i would like to add that proliferation of new sites creates more demand for content, which creates more opportunity for professional writers. before you think about going into news as a business as an independent publisher, you have to think about what the need is, if there is a need in that particular space for another site, and then how you distinguish yourself and the content you pro
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2